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This autumn s best tv

Jeremy Strong (25 de diciembre de 1978) es un actor estadounidense de cine y teatro.[2]​ Principalmente conocido por su papel de Kendall Roy en la serie de televisión estadounidense,Succession (2018-presente), por la que ganó el premio Primetime Emmy como mejor actor en una serie dramática en 2020.[3]​ Strong también ha intervenido en varias películas destacadas, como Lincoln (2012), La noche más oscura (2012), Selma (2014), La gran apuesta (2015), Molly s Game (2017) y The Gentlemen (2019).

HBO masterful succession combines skillfully drama, black humor and political power game. There is no ambiguity in the autumn s best TV series.

Revallation contains juona feasions from two previous periods.

Ken playing takes ...

SUCCESSION Not suitable for everyone. A gloomy, very cynical series focuses on one another to repeat the most horrible people to whom the most important is the power and the honorable price or means. Blood is one of the threesome, but just a little, because after all, everyone plays only in his own pocket. Media and Entertainment House Woystar Royco s calculating and cold-hearted patriarch patriarch Logan Roy ( Brian Cox ) represents an imaginary Rupertmurdochmian figure, the influence of which begins to be a worrying level.

Logan four children, Kendall ( Jeremy Strong ), Siobhan ( Sarah Snook ), Roman ( Culkin ) and Connor ( Alan Ruck ), fighting their father s attention and respect and Articles between family gresheners, childhood ventures and their own ambitions. Especially Jeremy Strong s fantastically interpreted Kenonda, just wants his father s approval and love more than anything else, leading to another season with a decided dramatic reverse.

... its playback

The third season continues directly from the previous events. Waystar Royco s covered cruisebisne s scandals will end up in the public in Kenondall s reversed spontaneously with a press conference. As a synthetic hero to challenge his father s role as a leader - again. With the help of the Kendall, there is a uncertain kind of uncertain Greg cousin ( Gregory Hirsch ) and GREG s secretly copied certificates.

At the end of the second period, Logan s cautious smile has become frantic and uncertainty, so the Logan and the management team end up to fly from the Mediterranean luxury shares to Sarajevo, because Bosnia-Herzegovina has no transfer agreement with the United States. Other siblings return to New York to restore faith in the company s image and to investigate Kenondall s plans. It is clear quickly that Logan can not continue in the company s management, but to have a nominal CEO. The open power game is again in progress.

The open power game is again in progress.

Also, the state authorities, together with the FBI, are interested in the company s negligence and illegals. The third season also focuses largely in addition to the history of difficult family relationships and Kenondalli s solvents in addition to a shaking degree. Otherwise, the familiar character chart will continue, but ADRIEN Brody and Alexander Skarsgård are presented as new masks in the mid-term season.

versatile and stopping

The strength of the series is its sharp manuscript and in a professional actor. Succession is at the same time a fun, fascinating, stopping, exciting and extremely sad. The text contains depth and double marks that often require more viewing. Each cycle has at least one time a great throttle or a dialog where art has been made of the subtylevy language. The Shiver s verbally talented husband Tom ( Matthew Macfaden ) seems to be at the center of these situations.

Old time combine event

The manuscript team knows the characteristics of his characters and to set up their actions to them. Each actor in its surroundings is perfectly sitting on his role - with its own strengths. While the siblings are born golden spoon in your mouth extremely rich but unhappy family community, Greg and Tom tack deep waters partially outsiders. With the right chemistry have been built from the first season: in past events and sayings have real weight. Each member of the family is somehow broken, and often just that the vulnerability used against them. It would be fun to know what Kendall Oura-ring (Square?) Seems to valmiuslukemaksi as a result of poorly slept nights and perpetual stress.

Succession is not easy to watch, because the slide unions, the failures seen on the screen and mental violence, seem at times extremely heavy. Each area is always music control, however, supports the masterfully built a whole. HBO s second success of the series, The White Lotuksen , like humans duplicity and a compulsive need to power fascinate. The third season shows that the two earlier coincidences been through, but the series has become one of the more balanced in recent years and the most exciting ensembles. And the quality of the curve continued to show upward as opposed to Waystar stock price.

Succession is live on HBO Nordic Evening 18.10. onwards. The new section will always appear viikoittain.


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